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Rockreation is proud to be a part of California’s storied rock-climbing history, and its equally exciting future. For more than twenty years now, we’ve helped grow the sport from the little-known fringe activity your cool uncle was obsessed with, to the internationally famous Olympic sport it has become today. With programs tailored for kids and adults; newbies or seasoned pros, Rockreation offers everything you need to begin… or continue your own climb to the top of the mountain.


Rockreation has been a local resource for climbing training and education for over twenty years. Within our walls we have grown as the sport of rock climbing developed from a little-known activity to an internationally appreciated sport for kids and adults enjoyed at various levels of difficulty. We’re proud to be a part of the rock climbing roots in California and aim to incorporate our members into the rich history of climbing by giving them everything they need to thrive in this amazing sport.

Thanks for choosing Rockreation for your climbing, fitness and recreational needs. Our vision is to be the place you come to explore climbing for the first time, or train for those hard climbs you’ve been pushing towards outside. We work hard to create a sense of inclusion, support and overall health & fitness that transcends simply “working out” to become the community that helps you believe in yourself and achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. So, train hard, play hard and let us help you get there.  


Blaine Eastcott | Owner, President


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11866 La Grange Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90025


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1300 Logan Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Rockreation offers two convenient locations in Southern California. 

Click whichever works best for you…and we’ll see you on the wall.